Guadeloupe Reparations Summit - Memorial ACTe. Point a Pitre

Sunday 10th May, 2014 was inaugurated the day of commemoration of the abolition of slavery, in Pointe-à-Pitre by France President, François Hollande. The Mémorial ACTe located on the Darboussier site was a sugar factory and is culturally dedicated to the Memory and History of the Slavery Trade. Additionally, it is part of UNESCO’s Slave Route Project, a global initiative to promote the rapprochement of peoples through the shared legacy of this tragedy. 

Rather than a museum, the Memorial ACTe will be a center gathering permanent and temporary exhibits and will host a wide range of art performances and conferences. The permanent multi-lingual (French, Creole, English) exhibit will feature media content organized in different sections: The Americas -Moving Towards Slave Trade – Slavery Period-Abolition Time.  The Secretary of Education will also be involved in the Memorial ACTe, throughout different workshops and educational tools available to students of all ages

The objectives of the Memorial ACTe are multiple:

  1. PARTICIPATE to the construction of a collective memory.
  2. SHOW the most extreme form of racism in order to condemn its contemporary forms.
  3. POINT OUT some persistent grey areas.
  4. TALK about colonialism and neo-colonialism around a historical, chronological and pedagogical “spinal cord”.
  5. EXPLAIN the context in which slavery started.
  6. QUESTION the world of today.
  7. RESEARCH throughout the creation of an official finding laboratory.
  8. TRANSMIT throughout different pedagogical tools.
  9. REMEMBER through the exhibit of artifacts.
  10. BUILD consciousness through art.
  11. COMMEMORATE in order to build a better future.

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